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Herbalism for Reproductive Health

Offering mentorship with plants as you build a sovereign relationship to your body, your cycle, and to nature

My communion with plants and my practice of medicine making is a deep place of belonging for me. The work that I share from this space, is in support of women enjoying a healthy and embodied relationship to their body, their cycles, and to nature.

I work closely with the seasons and harvest the bioavailability of plant minerals that grow in my region. My work is to listen as closely as I can to the plants themselves, as I build my relationship to their unique presence and personality.

My cauldron is always brewing. 

My senses are continually steeped in the green world.

As I gather plants, I have in my mind, the stories of women's blood, their experiences as they inhabit their body's, and the intuitive power of their truth.

What I am offering now is a presence you can trust, as you step forward to take your fertility, your cycle health, and your reproductive choices into your own hands. Together, through one-on-one sessions, we work to create reproductive and sensual sovereignty. 

By this I mean I work much like a traditional midwife - I offer herbs for the maintenance of healthy cycles, and support you as you enjoy an abundance of sexual health. I offer herbal support for a healthy flow, pregnancy prevention, pregnancy release, and the myriad of other occurrences that occur energetically and emotional in our wombs.

This work is for those who know what they are saying yes and no to. It is devotional work where we choose to honour ourselves and our femininity. It is wisdom that is praised by our ancestors who held the same responsibilities for life and death that we do.

It is work that brings us home to ourselves.

I am so honoured to meet you here.


To book a session either online or in person please email me below!

1 hr Session    $120 Cad

Herbs provided at cost if we meet in person and can be shipped if desired after our online meeting.

Dry Roses and Diary

The Ancestral Legacy of Plants

There is nothing that I know that didn't come from someplace or someone else. I stand on the back of my ancestors of this craft, the ancestors of place, the teachers in my community, and the whispers of the plants themselves.

My work is only possible because of the beings who survived for me to be here, and I serve in honour of them, and all my relations.

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