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Ancestral Teachings

Remembering through Song Keeping

the Whispers from beyond the Veil

Rose Flower

These are the voices of the Ancestors 

Women create culture.

We nurture the expansion of all things.

We share stories and songs that weave us continually back into the fabric of where we all came.

We carry this place of belonging forward. 

We steward the health of life.

Rose Flower

It is a scared gift

When I sing ancestral songs, I know that I am carrying forth the living cultures of people who knew that their life depended on the fecundity of the fertile earth, and the health of women's bodies.

I share these songs and stories in service to these cultures that honoured their presence here on the planet as sacred, and tended to each other's well being as kin. 

I offer these songs as a prayer for all of us here to remember who we are and how much good we can do on the planet. In the midst of the current wars against humanity, and ecological devastation, I hope that these cultural inheritances can weave us back into an honouring of the cyclical nature of life and death, and the experience of being human that shapes us all.


I hope to inspire a return to a time where honour is bestowed on every living thing and where women's wisdom and intuitive powers are held reverently for all. 


I share my art to nurture a cultural change.

Nature Inspires Us

Here are a few images and videos of my relationship to nature and the fertile grounds that feed all of life.


My intention as a creator is to give movement and beauty to the voices of the past who held wisdom that can help guide our way forward as people. I pray that we move out of this cultural collapse into a time of unity, peace, and harmony for all, and may these songs and stories nurture and feed these prayers.

As a mother I deeply want this world for all children. 

May my voice and images help create this change. 

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