Pregnant Woman in Nature

Ima's Doula Offerings

I welcome you in embracing the sweet, tender, soft, and delicate energy of greeting life, breathing in life, and of belonging in the vessel of life that you are. I invite you to embody the sensual nature of who we are, as the plush tissues of vitality deepen and proliferate the expansion of love in your womb. When we connect, I invite in the awakening to the powerful life force that sustains us, and hold space as you reach towards the mystery that is in all of us and guides us home.

Being a doula for me, means polishing a gift a space holding, of nurturing and tending to the energetic container of surrender, trust, and a deep letting go into all that there is. I listen for the still places of your being that ask to be held, nurtured, embraced, and fed richness, empowerment, and love.

The relationship held between birthing families and birth workers is eternally sacred, and we have walked this path together before. I am but a mirror for all the ways your ancestors were supported by birth attendants in the past. I am but the remembrance of the power you have held in your body in lives before. I am but the touch of your loved ones, bringing fourth the love that has held you and guided you inward to be embraced by the womb of creation.

I embrace the full spectrum of fertility and what it look and feels like to be sensual beings alive and in tune with the cycles of the earth. As we court the mystery of creation, crossing the threshold of initiation into motherhood and fatherhood, bridging the worlds of spirit and flesh, may you anchor into your place of strength, firmly on your seat of power, that will sustain you on your journey into parenthood.

Blessed be our sacred work together, deepening into trust, embodiment, and love!

It is an honour to be with you.