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Ima (pronounce EMAH) means mother in Hebrew.

It is what my children call me.

My journey into motherhood began in the Negev Desert in Israel, where I met the father of my children. In that rich and expansive landscape, I could feel the ancient voices of the mother courting me, and guiding me inwards and onto the path away from maiden and into the next initiation. It was there in the desert where I found myself asking to be given a journey of wholeness, a task of fullness that would occupy my mind and body completely. At the time I did not fully realize what I was asking for, but my prayers were alive with truth and deep purpose. Becoming a mother defines me to my core, and it is this journey that has awakened me to my path of becoming who I am, more than anything I have ever experienced.

Alchemy, well, we are always transforming. One thing becoming another - breath becoming life, sun becoming food, plants becoming energy, compost becoming soil - all in the hands of our mother - this great earth. And us mothers, we hold transformation within our bodies and express it creatively with our hands, hearts, eyes ears, and voices. We are the bodies of potential, the grail cup of life, sustaining and nurturing, giving rise to all growth and change. We are magic - held within the dark womb of creation we bring life.

I would be honoured to get to know your needs and wishes along your path into parenthood, and to support you as your doula.

I would love to be in conversation with you if you are looking for a herbal medicine consultation, and are interested in inviting into your life a plant ally to support your body’s inherent desire to heal itself.

You are held with love!