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Postpartum Care as Prayer

Remembering where we came

Honouring the return to Mother centred care


I firmly believe in the importance of mother centred care for every family and for the rebirth of a healthy humanity.


Postpartum care is the ancestral legacy of a time when the health of each mother was held with complete devotion by the culture.

Our ancestors knew that the health of the mother created a healthy family. The health of each family then created a healthy community. When our communities are healthy humanity thrives. 

These are the practices that we need to return to so that each and every one of us can be nurtured. So that humanity can heal itself. So that our internal and external ecosystems can thrive.


"I pray for the resurgence of mother centred cultures"


I am honoured to be apart of a community of women who are dedicating themselves to the education of Physiologic Postpartum Care as taught by Rachelle Garcia Seliga of Innate Traditions.

Ceremonial Offerings

I deeply desire that we as mothers can create a culture of serving each other and the earth. From time to time I offer traditional ceremonies and herbal medicine consultations to honour and support you as a life giving vessel for your family.


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