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Traditional Birth Keeping

In person Doula Care

Transpersonal Birth Mentoring 

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My role as a Birth Keeper

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Birth is naturally and sensually transformative. It likes to be undisturbed. It unfolds well into caring spaces where we honour that our bodies as women were made for this.

Our bodies as women hold the power and responsibility for life and for death.


 This knowing of power allows us to descend into motherhood feeling acknowledged and held.When birth and death are embraced as natural occurrences of life, the mother reigns sovereign.

She embraces her primal wisdom. 

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My care as a birth attendant embraces you at this threshold and tends to your needs with reverence and care.


As you begin your descent into motherhood, I create the space for your arrival.


I pray to provide you with a nurturing leadership that allows you to feel deeply connected to your intuition as you express what you need to surrender to the great void.


We turn inward together and we nurture a devotion to self love and to life.

Together we remember the way. 

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"Creating a culture of maternal kinship and ceremony that honours all aspects of life"

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Receive In Person Care

I am currently offering doula services in the Cowichan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. 

Online Birth Mentorship

These are birth preparation journey's that seek to anchor you in your intuition.

Current Hometown

Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada

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Maria Robins

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