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Wild Berries
White Flowers

Ima's Herbalist Practice

Plants speak. My practice as a herbalist is entirely formed by the relationship I share with the green world, for we are nature, and nature is us.

I invite you to let your mind stretch, as you hold in your expansive vision, the experience we as humans have shared with plants since the beginning of time. This is the language of herbalism. This is the power of plant medicine. It embodies how plants and people have coexisted forever - without plants there would be no people, and without people there would be no plants. We have evolved and survived as a species because we knew how to communicate with plants - we knew which plants to eat for food, which plants healed our weathered bodies - basically which plants sustained life. That knowledge is still here today, and my practice as a herbalist means tuning in and listening to the plants themselves for guidance. I open myself to the subtle life force these green ones hold and share, and integrate their gifts into my being, with gratitude and reverence for life itself.

It is simple. It is wholesome. It is pure. It is who we are.

I am here to let you be guided too. May the relationship I share with plants awaken you to the innate communication and kinship that you yourself share with the green world. I support your awakening and I trust in your body.


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