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Traditional Birth Keeping

Birth is naturally and sensually transformative. As your birth keeper I support your labour by holding space for the arrival of your own intuitive power. My care listens to what you need and provides the physical, emotional and spiritual presence you can surrender to and trust.

We develop our relationship prenatally and curate a space that you and your family can rely on.


The Women who came before me

I learned how to hold space for birth by an impeccable woman of grace, Robyn Sheldon, author of The Mama Bamba Way. Robyn taught me how to honour birth as a natural rhythm and to uphold safety with a compassionate presence. Mama Bamba, means Mother Embrace, and expresses the value of love and caring that is innate to the role of a birth keeper.

Working with me


I devote myself to mothers who are curious about embracing a physiological childbirth, which means a labour and birth that are undisturbed. This way of birthing is designed to allow us to arrive onto the throne of motherhood feeling empowered and well. It places the birthing mother in control of her experience, and allows the full arrival of her sovereign self.



Image by Isaac Quesada
Image by Ella Jardim
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