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Ima's Alchemy

Traditional Mother Care

Earth and Ancestral Reverancy


Honouring Motherhood as a Place of Belonging


Ima means 'mother'

Alchemy is how we transform


When we understand that birth is the physiological bridge between spirit and form we understand and honour that each woman is a vessel of immense power and how she is treated creates our humanity.

When we understand that the earth herself continually nurtures us, we can devote ourselves to share a union and courtship with the natural world. 

The more we lay with the earth the more we become the mother within and the mother for all. 



My work shares the ancestral memories that are our cultural inheritance as women.


We have inherited a cyclical relationship to the earth and the moon.


When we live our lives from this place of embodiment, we create a culture that respects every being and every place.


My work honours this energy of memory.


Traditional Mother Care Remembers and Creates A Healthy Maternal Relationship to Life

Welcome to another way of birth tending

Current Hometown

Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada

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Maria Robins

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