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Newborn Baby

Traditional Mother Care


Ima (Eee-Mah) means mother.

Alchemy is the cauldron of transformation.

The care I provide embodies a legacy of women serving women that I cultivate as my life's work. My affinity for birth keeping, herbalism, and sacred touch is the ancestral inheritance of my foremothers and the traditional midwives who have come before. 

This work is devotional.


It serves the mother's physiology as the holy grail of life and it places her health at the centre of her family's vitality.

This work is remembrance. 


It recognizes that a mother's journey is an initiation into wholeness, and provides support in harmony with our original human design - mothers need to receive.


When mothers receive appropriate care and support, their families and their community thrive.

This is the spiritual truth that makes this work holy, and leads the way towards greater health for all of humanity.


With one foot on either side of the ancient veil of life, I offer my presence as a place of belonging, and my work as sovereign wisdom to come home to.

In stewardship of maternal health,


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