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Maria Robins

Courting the Mysteries of the Sacred Earth
Community Herbalist & Earth Based Ritualist
Birth & Postpartum Doula

I deeply honour the earth and recognize my passage to be one that embodies the sacred task of a wisdom keeper along the feminine lines of healing. I am a birth doula, herbalist, and mother.

I find belonging in my courting of the earth’s whispers and in my prayers and rituals for her healing. I find belonging in the ways a woman’s body speaks to me at birth and throughout her pregnancy, and in holding space for the power of the birth and the primordial mother to shine through. I find belonging in the soft and expansive preverbal language of our descendants, and in the light wisdom these babies carry.

May you find peace, grace, and belonging within the deepest parts of my soul. I offer my heart as the midwife for your expansion, and my ears and eyes, the caring witness to your great unfolding.

May you feel welcome here with love and great kindness.


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